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Dean's Message

Welcome to the Department of Korean History!

The Department of Korean History was established when it separated from the Department of History, which was founded in 1946. Having inherited the traditions of the Department of History, the Department of Korean History is now established as the world’s leader in Korean history studies.

The Department of Korean History plays a central role in studies of Korean history both domestically and abroad. Its proposal for three research projects have consecutively been selected by the National Brain Korea 21 Program (The First Project 1999-2005, Second Project 2006-2012, and Third Project 2013-2019).

The department received an award from the Ministry of Education for the excellence of its Second Project for the BK 21 program. The Department of Korean History promises to keep its pace for the Third Project – and keep marching forward.

The faculty members in the Department of Korean History at Korea University cover the seven major periods of the nation’s history: Ancient history, Koryo Dynasty, Early Joseon Period, Late Joseon Period, Port-Opening Period, Japanese Colonial Period, and Contemporary Period. These prominent scholars and the systematic and comprehensive curriculum provide the students with the best opportunities to study Korean history.

It is also noteworthy that the department is the first in the nation that appointed a foreign professor. Since 2006, the full-time international scholar position offers English-mediated courses on Korean history. As the department adopted the Department System in 2014, we expect its history education to be reinforced.

The demands for Korean history education are on the constant rise as Hallyu (the Korean Wave) sweeps the world and the History Section for the College Scholastic Ability Test became mandatory.

Threads of history, as it is widely perceived, are collections of dialogues between the past and the future. History is not a mere bundle of past events; it speaks to those of us who live the present. It is due to the fact that Korea has established itself as a global leader that the rest of the world has begun to take interest in Korea’s history. The Department of Korean History pledges to invest all its efforts for education and research in response to the elevated status of the nation and its history.

Yours Sincerely,

Head of Department
Department of Korean History
Korea University